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Forest Park

Forest Park

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Wuyi Mt. Niutou National Forest Park, located in Wuyi County of Zhejiang Province, has a center area of 1,292.52 hectares. In the park, the terrain cutting depth is 200 to 400 meters and bluffs, cliff, ridges and peaks are rising one higher than another. The mountain is the highest point in central Zhejiang and has the best natural forest vegetation preservation with the vegetation coverage of 99%. With remarkable characteristic forest tourism resources which are rare in Zhejiang or even in East China, the park is awarded as “Oasis of Zhejiang, Biology World of China” for its ancient and extraordinary trees, spectacular canyon and cliffs, brilliant streams and waterfall pools, quiet and beautiful environment and the ingenious combination of the mountain, forest, water and stones. Tourists shall bring extra clothes in summer and are not allowed to go up the mountain alone in case of being attacked by dangerous animals such as the wild monkeys and cobras.




Mt. Niutou became famous because of the story that Taoist master Ye Fashan conducted alchemy and became immortal here in the old days and is now revealing her mysterious image with the development and opening up of the natural forest park. The millennium ancient temple and its miraculous legends are gradually going near the common people.


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