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Zhengdian pokers, with the purpose of “Small Details, Zero Defects”, are made of high-end special paper for pokers and popular with a variety of consumers.


The company has invested in tourist  projects  WUYI Mt. Niutou National Forest Park, has became the improtent  tourism  project of WUYI COUNTY .


At same time , "Osbi",the brand of our household cleaning products are also popular with a variety of consumers from 2010.tomorrow.


Zhejiang Zhengdian Industry Co., Ltd. always follows the philosophy of “Creating Excellence, Starting from Me” and creates comprehensive advantages in face of opportunities and challenges of the market competition, maintaining a sustained, efficient and rapid development momentum to keep forging ahead. Zhengdian will have a more glorious tomorrow.

Company Profile

Zhejiang Zhengdian Industry Co., Ltd., founded in November 1996, has now grown into a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in tourism development and the production and sales of household insecticides, household cleaning products and pokers.


The production base of mosquito-repellent incense of Zhengdian Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of mosquito-repellent incense in the world. With an area of 260,000㎡ of the headquarters and over 130,000㎡ of all branches, the company owns the modern production lines with an annual production capacity of 480 million coils of mosquito-repellent incense, has over 2000 staff and fixed assets of RMB 580 million of its production base. The products of the company, including mosquito-repellent incense coils, sandalwood, aerosol insecticides, electric mats, electric mosquito liquid, cockroach-repellent incense, etc., are popular throughout the country and exported to overseas markets. “ZENDEN” is a “China Well-known Trademark”.